Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau - Canada
المكتب الثقافي التعليمي المصري بكندا

Our Vision, Mission and Values

The Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau in Montreal represents the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Canada.

It has the ultimate purpose of strengthening the existing scientific collaboration between the academic and research institutes in Egypt and Canada as well as developing new liaisons. The bureau ensures the smooth academic progress of the Egyptian mission scholars in Canada, communicates with them regularly and addresses all their problems.Furthermore, the bureau encourages Canadian scholars/students to study as well as visit Egyptian academic and research Institutes.

With the collaboration of the Egyptian Embassy in Ottawa, the Egyptian Consulate in Montreal, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture as well as relevant scientific/cultural institutes and societies in Canada, the bureau organizes a series of cultural events to build and maintain a strong cultural rapport between Egypt and Canada.

Lastly, the bureau is accountable for undertaking the Egyptian school exams for the Egyptian students living in Canada.


Our Vision 

To become Egypt's pre-eminent cultural and educational hub in Canada. 

Our Mission 

We are a team passionately dedicated to fostering Egyptian cultural, educational, and scientific relations with our partners in Canada.  

Our Values 




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